HKU Clinic students with young advocates

Justice Centre Hong Kong is committed to investing in the future generation of human rights lawyers. Recognising the potential of engaging young professionals in refugee rights early on in their careers, we established a Clinical Legal Education Programme in 2007 in partnership with the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Over the past eight years, graduates of the programme have gone on to become refugee and public interest lawyers, representing protection claimants in Hong Kong’s asylum screening process.

Justice Centre is excited to announce that, beginning in 2017, we will provide a clinical education programme for Harvard Law students. Selected students will join Justice Centre during winter or summer terms, and work with our experienced asylum lawyers to ensure protection claimants in Hong Kong are skilfully represented and decision-makers are well-informed and accountable.

The clinic allows students to engage in a nascent and fast-developing asylum system. Students will learn about the existing protection framework and its gaps, and develop their legal skills in a real practice setting. Specific skills include: interviewing techniques, working with interpreters, fact investigation and evidence collection, legal research and analysis, and legal drafting. Students also have opportunities to develop professional judgment through encounters with real legal and ethical dilemmas. Students learn to take a human rights-based approach to legal work, to recognize challenges, to creatively identify options, and to diligently and ethically assist protection claimants.

I am proud that I assisted Justice Centre in preparing a request for review to the USCIS on behalf of a refugee refused resettlement to the U.S. The request was the culmination of weeks of work—meeting the client, collecting evidence, drafting a legal brief. I developed as a lawyer-to-be and was humbled by the clients I was fortunate to serve. I treasured my time at Justice Centre.  – James Lee, Summer 2016

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