In March 2018, the Coalition lodged a Joint Civil Society Submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The submission includes 109 recommendations on an array of human rights issues in Hong Kong. This submission is endorsed, either in part or in whole, by 45 civil society organisations that make up the Coalition.

The Joint Submission in full and the relevant press releases are available below:

English version

Chinese version 意見書中文版

Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) version

Press Releases:

Coalition Welcomes Acceptance of UPR Recommendations on Hong Kong at United Nations, Now is Time for Action (15 March, 2019) EnglishChinese 

Unprecedented Attention on Hong Kong at UN Human Rights Review English | Chinese (7 Nov, 2018)

Hong Kong UPR Coalition to Highlight Deteriorating Human Rights Situation at UN  English | Chinese (3 Oct, 2018)

Release of Fact Sheets – English | Chinese (19 Sept, 2018)

Hong Kong Government Shows Lack of Transparency in UPR Consultation Process English | Chinese (31 July, 2018)

Over 40 Organisations Outline Concerns to UN Over Hong Kong’s Human Rights Performance English | Chinese (10 Apr, 2018)

Civil Society Welcomes Dialogue with Government on Human Rights English | Chinese (4 Apr, 2018)

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