On March 12, 2015, Justice Centre made a submission to the Social Welfare Department of the Hong Kong Government in response to their Invitation to Tender for “Provision of Assistance for Non-refoulement Claimants”. Backed by the Hungry for Change petition of 1341 signatures and five letters from refugees, our submission called for the SWD to keep in mind three main points in the process of awarding the next food assistance contract, to ensure that it has the dignity of refugees at its heart. The three recommendations were:

  1. Move to a cash or food coupon system that gives dignity and choice to protection claimants
  2. Increase assistance annually in line with changes in the cost of living in Hong Kong
  3. Ensure all claimants get the same assistance no matter where in Hong Kong they live.


To read our submission to the Social Welfare Department, click here.
To read the five letters from refugees in Hong Kong, click here.
To learn more about the Hungry for Change campaign and petition, click here.

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