We have launched a new report that says the Hong Kong Government is doing the ‘bare minimum’ to protect vulnerable refugees and torture claimants entering their new refugee screening mechanism. The report is the first comprehensive analysis of refugees’ and torture claimants’ experiences and opinions of the unified screening mechanism (USM), the new government process for determining protection claims in Hong Kong, started in March 2014. We recorded the concerns expressed amongst 260 refugees who attended 22 Justice Centre information sessions on the USM in over 15 different languages since February 2014. The NGO also conducted an anonymous survey with 53 refugees and torture claimants, asking them about their experiences of trying to enter the USM and about their main concerns living as a refugee in Hong Kong. Of those surveyed, 30 per cent said they had no information about the USM before coming to Justice Centre information sessions; 24 per cent were concerned about being rejected and/or deported and 11 per cent didn’t even know how to file a claim.

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