Launched in May 2014, our Psychosocial Programme was the first mental health programme of its kind in Hong Kong, providing two main levels of support: specialised counselling and social support. Working alongside our lawyers, this programme assists vulnerable protection claimants in a short to medium term capacity, helping them feel safe, protected and supported as they navigate through the legal process of seeking protection in Hong Kong.

As our clients are typically survivors of torture, persecution or other human rights abuses, they often display high levels of trauma. This may include conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, survivor’s guilt, dissociation, anxiety, depression or intergenerational trauma.

To holistically meet the needs of our vulnerable clients, our Psychosocial Programme provides these core services:

  • Specialised trauma-informed psychological and counselling service
  • Information regarding social services that clients may access, related to housing, health, schooling, financial aid etc.
  • Social support, assistance in accessing services and referrals to other organisations
  • Medico-legal reports, including scarring and psychological reports
  • Training to other frontline workers on Child Trauma; Understanding Trauma; Working with trauma survivors; Professional boundaries and Vicarious Trauma & Self Care

We also collaborate with other NGOs and organisations, to ensure that our clients have the best chance of attaining the support that they need.

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