Justice Centre Hong Kong provides legal assistance to asylum seekers in Hong Kong. We provide assistance from the very first stage through to appeals and Judicial Reviews, including targeted strategic litigation in cases which will strengthen the rule of law and enhance protection for our clients. We also engage in training and capacity building, including running student legal clinics in collaboration with international and local universities in order to grow the next generation of human rights professionals


Justice Centre Hong Kong is dedicated to developing policy that brings change for the most vulnerable forced migrants; refugees, other people seeking protection, and survivors of torture, human trafficking and forced labour. Our policy work is based upon our subject matter expertise, with a human rights and rule of law lens.

Our policy and advocacy focuses on:

  • working collaboratively for legislative and policy change, especially with other civil society organisations;
  • providing technical support and advice to government officials and Legislative Council members; and
  • contributing positively to the public debate affecting forced migrants, through traditional and non-traditional media.

Social Welfare

We provide social welfare support services for our clients and training and capacity building for the wider civil society sector.


Justice Centre Hong Kong is proud to be an active member of several local, regional and global rights networks. These networks enable us to ensure our services and advocacy & policy work is focused, relevant and in line with larger scale movements around the world.

Currently, we are members of the following networks:

The Refugee Concern Network (Hong Kong)

The Southern Legal Aid Refugee Network (SRLAN)

The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APPRN)

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