Corporate Change Makers is an initiative supported by the Macquarie Group Foundation. The objective behind this initiative is to enable corporate leaders to advocate publicly or privately for systemic law and policy change in relation to forced labour and human trafficking in Hong Kong.

In 2016 Justice Centre produced the first evidence-based research on the prevalence of forced labour and human trafficking for the purposes of forced labour amongst the migrant domestic worker population.

Coming Clean found 17% (50 000) migrant domestic workers were in forced labour. The report sets out a series of recommendations for the Hong Kong government, some of those recommendations have already been adopted.

The Corporate Change Maker initiative forms part of our commitment to working with the corporate community as thought leaders to bring change for the most vulnerable victims of torture, human trafficking and forced labour.

To learn more, please read the fact sheet, or contact Jake Mendrik at [email protected] if you have questions or want to get involved.

The Corporate Change Maker Guidelines

As part of the Corporate Change Maker initiative, Justice Centre has produced an extensive set of Guidelines for businesses to help private sector actors tackle forced labour, human trafficking and modern slavery in Hong Kong through effective policy work.

These Guidelines, which were launched in March 2019 at Macquarie Group’s Hong Kong offices, are available for download here (please note: this is a compressed version. For a full resolution copy please contact us at [email protected]). A copy of the presentation given at the launch event is available for download here.

For those interested in training on implementing the Guidelines or for further information please contact Piya Muqit at [email protected] .