Young Advocates Programme

**Applications for the 2017 Young Advocates Programme are now closed. Applications for our 2018 programme will take place in late 2017. For further enquiries, please email**

What is the Young Advocates Programme?  

The Young Advocates Programme (YAP) is a unique programme for high school students to gain hands-on experience in a human rights setting, with coaching by our staff and an opportunity to develop the skills and experience they need as they start the process of applying for university courses.

Building on our extensive experience, leading practical clinic programmes to mentor university students, YAP was launched five years ago to extend this valuable mentorship to a select group of high school students in order to build up the future generation of human rights advocates.

Young Advocates get involved in all areas of our work, from the provision of legal and psychosocial support to refugees, to anti-human trafficking research and advocacy. Places are limited in order to enable us to offer a tailored programme to each Young Advocate and for our staff to dedicate time to mentoring and coaching them.


Legal Education students

Young Advocates and Clinical Legal Education students

Spring and Summer Programmes

In 2017, we are introducing a brand new Spring Programme in addition to our Summer Programme. The Spring Programme will be for two weeks in April 2017. A lighter version of the full four-week Summer Programme, the Spring Programme will nonetheless be intensive and introduce Young Advocates to the essential elements of our work, while the Summer Programme allows Young Advocates the opportunity to engage with the work in greater depth. Both programmes will equip Young Advocates with invaluable skills that they will take with them as they apply to universities and progress into professional careers.

Who can apply?

YAP is open to select students who have Hong Kong residency and are aged between 14 – 18 years old. The programme is aimed at students interested in a career in law, human rights, government, social policy, or NGO management generally.


“Working at Justice Centre through the Young Advocates Programme has been an amazing experience. I’ve had many great opportunities to explore the fields of laws, advocacy, and human rights. I was able to learn a lot about refugee law internationally and in Hong Kong. Helping with various legal and research tasks gave me an expanded knowledge of the law and how it is applied in real life. I also learned how persecution happens in countries all around the world. Participating in drop-in sessions with potential clients gave me more of a real world understanding of the plight of refugees. Every day there were new experiences and knowledge to be gained. I enjoyed every moment of the programme and it all went by too fast.”– Bryan, summer 2016

“I felt that with every legal task that I performed, I was able to make a small difference; in helping out with the testimonies and providing research to support each refugee’s claims, I was slowly helping the caseworkers to build and strengthen cases for refugees that could ultimately help them acquire safety and a fresh start in their lives.” – Sabrina, summer 2015

How do I apply?

Applications for the 2017 Young Advocates Programme are now closed. Applications for our 2018 programme will take place in late 2017. For further enquiries, please email

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