Universal Periodic Review

Justice Centre Hong Kong is helping to facilitate civil society advocacy for the Third Cycle United Nations Universal Periodic Review (UPR) for China, as it relates to Hong Kong.

The UPR is a unique process which involves a review of the human rights records of all UN Member States. The UPR is a State-driven process, under the auspices of the Human Rights Council, which provides the opportunity for each State to declare what actions they have taken to improve the human rights situations in their countries and to fulfil their human rights obligations.

The Hong Kong UPR Coalition (the Coalition) was founded in 2017 to assist the UPR process. The Coalition is guided by a Steering Committee, which includes; Civil Human Rights Front (民間人權陣線), Disabilities CV (殘疾資歷生活館), Hong Kong Watch, Justice Centre Hong Kong, Les Corner Empowerment Association (女角平權協作組), PEN Hong Kong (香港筆會), Pink Alliance (粉紅同盟), Planet Ally and The Hong Kong Society for Asylum-Seekers and Refugees (香港尋求庇護者及難民協會).

Civil society organisations (CSOs) that achieve maximum impact at the UPR tend to be those working in coalitions. Building a stronger coalition helps to safeguard meaningful civil society influence on the UPR process. A critical factor to the success of the UPR is the level of engagement and involvement from civil society as a whole. This is particularly important in Hong Kong, given concerns with the deteriorating human rights and rule of law environment.

For regular updates on the UPR process and the work of the Hong Kong UPR Coalition, please see Facebook and Twitter. For more detailed queries, please email simon@justicecentre.org.hk or annie@justicecentre.org.hk.

Human Rights Council Submission 人權理事會意見書

English version

Chinese version 意見書中文版

Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) version

Key Dates
7 May 2018: Hong Kong Government consultation ends
July 2018: National Report deadline
9am to 12:30pm, 6 November 2018 (Geneva time): UPR session on China, including Hong Kong & Macau, at the United Nations in Geneva
December 2018-January 2019: Adoption of the Outcomes Report

What can your CSO do?
• Follow, share and like posts on the Hong Kong UPR Coalition Facebook or Twitter
• Contact Steering Committee members with questions about the UPR process

Relevant Documents

Press Releases

Unprecedented Attention on Hong Kong at UN Human Rights Review EnglishChinese (Nov 7, 2018)

Hong Kong UPR Coalition to Highlight Deteriorating Human Rights Situation at UN  EnglishChinese (Oct 3, 2018)

Release of Fact Sheets – English | Chinese (Sept 19, 2018)

Hong Kong Government Shows Lack of Transparency in UPR Consultation Process EnglishChinese (July 31, 2018)

Over 40 Organisations Outline Concerns to UN Over Hong Kong’s Human Rights Performance English | Chinese (Apr 10, 2018)

Civil Society Welcomes Dialogue with Government on Human Rights English | Chinese (Apr 4, 2018)

Other Submissions

Submission to the United Kingdom Parliament Joint Committee on Human Rights Human Rights Protections in International Agreements Inquiry  English (January 14, 2019)

Submission to the Hong Kong Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau in response to its consultation English (May 7, 2018)

Submission to the Panel on Constitutional Affairs of the Hong Kong Legislative Council English (Apr 20, 2018)

Submission to OHCHR on the Role of the Hong Kong Legislative Council in the Human Rights Council and UPR English (Jan 15, 2018)

Other documents

Open letter to the Hong Kong Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau on the third cycle UPR outcomes English (Feb 14, 2019)

UPR Info Pre-Session Hearing Statement English (Oct 9, 2018)

UPR Info Pre-Session PowerPoint Presentation English (Oct 9, 2018)

Speech of Spokesperson Simon Henderson for the Panel on Constitutional Affairs of the Hong Kong Legislative Council English (Apr 30, 2018)

Fact sheet on the UPR as it applies to Hong Kong EnglishChinese (Apr 10, 2018)

Fact sheets
Academic Freedom
Access to Information
Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Basic Law Interpretations
Business and Human Rights and Labour Rights
Children’s Rights
Disability Rights – Education, Employment, Access to Information
Disability Rights – Legal Capacity, Police Powers and Institutionalisation
Engagement with Civil Society
Environmental Rights
Ethnic Minorities
Freedom of Assembly Rights and Public Order Ordinance
Freedom of Expression
Human Trafficking
LGBTI Rights
Migrant Domestic Workers
National Human Rights Institutions and Human Rights Legislation
Protection of Human Rights Defenders
Right to Adequate Housing
Right to Health
Right to Social Security
Universal Suffrage
Use of Force by Police and Police Complaints
Women’s Rights

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