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What is UNITE?

Justice Centre Hong Kong is delighted to introduce UNITE, our new membership model that aims to unite and bring together the city’s professionals and like-minded individuals with complementary skillsets to contribute to the dialogue on human rights in Hong Kong. Through UNITE, we hope to join hands with you to:


Understand Understand the human rights landscape in Hong Kong
Network Network and maintain active relationship with Hong Kong’s civil society, legal community, businesses and our beneficiaries
Inform Inform and be informed on human rights law, anti-trafficking laws, psychosocial support on dealing with people who are victims of persecution, torture
Train Train and educate ourselves continuously through training courses, mentoring, panel discussions
Engage Engage in strategic litigation on key cases to shape Hong Kong’s system of justice

Why should you join UNITE?

Joining UNITE means you are being part of Hong Kong’s human rights landscape. You share Justice Centre’s vision of Hong Kong as a fair and inclusive society where even the most marginalised enjoy fundamental rights and access to justice. You believe that we need to learn together and grow together to make transformative change happen.

As a member of UNITE, your standard benefits will include:

  • Access to our special quarterly newsletter
  • Receive priority invites to Justice Centre events
  • Avail discounted access to our legal training
  • Access to vast resource of know-how and expertise that we all can benefit from. You will have your own individual password protected access to policy documents, legal precedents, case summaries and research papers
  • Opportunity to support Justice Centre’s work
  • Invitations to special bi-annual UNITE networking events.


Membership Type Cost  (HK $) Membership Benefits Qualifying Members*
Partner Firm Please contact us for more information
  • Unlimited access to trainings at no additional cost
  • Priority access to legal and other pro bono tasks
  • Standard Benefits
Law firms, Corporates
Champions $2500 per quarter
  • Opportunities to gain first-hand knowledge and experience-sharing in the human rights space through meetings with people affected by the issues
  • Top priority access to Justice Centre events
  • Opportunity to speak/share at commemorative events like World Refugee Day, International Day in support of Victims of Torture, Human Rights Day etc.
  • Individual acknowledgement on Justice Centre website and annual report
  • Standard Benefits
Anyone passionate about Human Rights
Professionals $500 per quarter
  • Priority access to Justice Centre Events
  • Opportunity to be an integral part of commemorative events like World Refugee Day, International Day in support of Victims of Torture, Human Rights Day etc.
  • Opportunity to help Justice Centre with your skillset
  • Standard Benefits
Professionals working across varied industries with a keen interest in human rights
NGO employees $200 per quarter
  • Standard Benefits
NGO employees
Students $100 per quarter
  • Standard  Benefits





I want to join UNITE to partner with YOU and contribute to the human rights landscape in Hong Kong!

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